Friday, December 24, 2010

New Publication: Eva Jinek for The Volkskrant by Stephan Vanfleteren


This shoot was to accompany an interview that Eva gave to The Volkskrant, to be published on Friday December 24th 2010, in the Christmas special that comes with the newspaper.
Renowned Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren shot these pictures. It was the first time we worked together and we had a great time, even so much so that we completely lost track of time!
Stephan is not only talented in his art, but
also in making everyone feel very much at ease, and I think it shows. In my opinion Eva never looked more beautiful than she does here, and no I'm not saying that because I did the makeup! ;) There is something powerful about her in these pictures that goes beyond hair and makeup. This is true girlpower.
What did I get from this shoot, other than great pictures for my book?
The renewed sense of fun in my job which, on days like these, feels like all play and NO work!
How I wish every day could be like this!

I will try and get better scans but I couldn't wait to show you these!

Photography: Stephan Vanfleteren
Makeup & Hair: yours truly
Coat: Patrizia Pepe
Shoes: Gucci

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  1. Friiggn proud, they are gorgeous!! This is why I am a fan of you.