Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christian Dior Collection Voyage Lip- and Eye palettes from Schiphol Airport

Hi everyone!
I've been back from IMATS London a week so it's about time I did a post about what I brought back with me. I'll do some reviews of the show and the lectures I attended in a different post.
Here are my favorites from my shopping haul:

Of course my shopping spree started right at Schiphol airport! Oh the joys of being able to browse the stores by myself :) The only problem was: what to buy!
First treasure that caught my eye were these beauties from Christian Dior.
Only available in tax-free of course and all the more covetable because of it.

These are called Cannage Color Collection (Collection Voyage) and I got the Eye Palette and the Lip Palette. 
This is what they look like opened: (aren't they just gorgeous, I really had to push myself to use these because it seemed a crime almost to dive in there and spoil them!)

The ouside is made of (probably) fake patent leather with the signature stitching all around.
Shame they don't list the colors inside anywhere, but thats not a big problem for me.

I took the plastic cover with the brushes out to show the colors more truly. All the colors in here are very useable and thats a huge plus because more often than not you buy a palette like this and end up using only 2 or 3 colors and the rest just sits there, and ends up being thrown out because you can't refill it?
Not so with these babies from Dior, I just know I will use them ALL!
I also love the "D" charm with each palette but thats so beside the point (NOT).

All the eyeshadows have some form of shimmer in them, the darker colors less so than the lights. I was immediately drawn to the awesome black, navy and deep brown.
Here are the swatches I attempted to make, please be gentle I never did this before so I'm a swatch virgin so to speak!

This is the left row of the palette, starting with the navy blue at the bottom and up to the black at the top.
Navy: deep very pigmented with little flecks of gold
Pale Pink: also lots of pigment no gold more of an iridiscense to it
Deep Purplish Brown: more purple than brown, very usable
Black: almost mat with a hint of shimmer

This is from the right row, bottom to top
Deep golden brown: very pigmented again warm brown with golden shimmer
Pink white
Yellow White
Whitest white: good for extreme highlights

I just noticed my hand with the camera is reflected behind the Dior logo. oeps can you tell I'm new at this!?

Anyways these are supposedly all Dior Addict lipglosses (again no names!) and gave me some suprising swatches.
Some colors that look very deep in the palette end up very transparent and vice versa.
So here goes:

Again starting with the left row, at the bottom:
Purplish berry: looks pretty deep in the palette, not so much on my hand.
Pinkish rose: pretty much true to what you see in the palette
True pink: very pigmented as you can see
Pale pink: almost see through, I can image this showing up almost clear on the lips but we'll see.

Right row, bottom to top:
Deep orangy red: very very pigmented this was a surprise after all the transparant colors before
Dark burgundy brown: lots of pigment
Neutral pink: more pigment than I expected
Icy pink: pretty transparent with some shimmer to it.

Color payoff of the right row was a bit better than the left row, but I guess there is something for every occassion in here whether you want a bold red lip or a neutral or innocent clear gloss.

I will of course road test these on jobs to see how they hold up.

More to come soon!


  1. I liked your post, I do have the Rose Collection (Eyes and Lips) Voyage. They a great, the packing is very luxury. I just love DIOR make up.

  2. Thank you! I do love Dior as well, great pigment :) Would you believe I never actually bought one of the special editions because there is always something in there that I know I'll never use. This was different though and I have been using it since the day I got it.:)