Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oscars 2011: Best and Worst Hair & Makeup

Old Hollywood glamour, grandeur and all that good stuff.
Oscar Night 2011 is the grand finale to Award Show Season and the last chance to get it right.
First off, congratulations to all the teams working Oscar Night. I've done my share of red carpet in Holland which is by no means as glamorous as Oscar Night, but still.. It's crazy, it's insane, it's madness so to all who worked it: HATS off to you!

Now for my favorites and not so favorites:

Mila Kunis: much has been said about that gorgeous lavender Elie Saab dress although I had to look twice to make sure she actually had her breasts covered by those see-through lace panel inserts.
Gorgeous eyemakeup and the lip colour was the right side of neutral. The hair: what can I say.. I do like my updo's a little more polished and less "textured" than this. To me it just looks a bit unkempt for red carpet, but I do appreciate there is a fine line between polished & effortless and prom queen and that it's hard to get it right. Good thing team Kunis didn't go for the latter. I did catch her continually trying to sweep the lock out of her left eye, and it kinda bothered me too.
Oh well. I do love Mila so she can't do much wrong really.