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Oscars 2011: Best and Worst Hair & Makeup

Old Hollywood glamour, grandeur and all that good stuff.
Oscar Night 2011 is the grand finale to Award Show Season and the last chance to get it right.
First off, congratulations to all the teams working Oscar Night. I've done my share of red carpet in Holland which is by no means as glamorous as Oscar Night, but still.. It's crazy, it's insane, it's madness so to all who worked it: HATS off to you!

Now for my favorites and not so favorites:

Mila Kunis: much has been said about that gorgeous lavender Elie Saab dress although I had to look twice to make sure she actually had her breasts covered by those see-through lace panel inserts.
Gorgeous eyemakeup and the lip colour was the right side of neutral. The hair: what can I say.. I do like my updo's a little more polished and less "textured" than this. To me it just looks a bit unkempt for red carpet, but I do appreciate there is a fine line between polished & effortless and prom queen and that it's hard to get it right. Good thing team Kunis didn't go for the latter. I did catch her continually trying to sweep the lock out of her left eye, and it kinda bothered me too.
Oh well. I do love Mila so she can't do much wrong really.

Jennifer Lawrence: one word about that red Calvin Klein.. WOW! it takes a brave woman and a good body to wear a dress like that when the whole world is watching, and she does it so expertly from ALL angles. It's minimalist in shape, bold in colour and as unforgiving as a dress can come. Again.. WOW.
This is the kind of red carpet hair I love to see. Beautifully conditioned, wavy, polished but not so polished it doesn't move. Effortless and GORGEOUS.
Makeup: Love the eyemakeup, but in the pictures it looks like her face is a tad darker than her body. Shame. I would have liked a lighter skin tone with a tad more blush.
The lips could have benefitted from slightly more colour too. I realize red lips with a gown like that would have been overkill, but this a wee bit too neutral.
As much as I love a neutral lip, this washes her out.

Jennifer Hudson: Loved the tangerine colour of the dress on her, the taffeta and the cleavage, not so much. Nuff said.
The hair is nice and polished but also for some reason a bit, well, dated? Maybe it's that wave going up in the front. I do appreciate the effort and the not going for "texture". Ugh.
I feel her face could have used a bit more blush.
Eyemakeup: nice and clean but with this kind of minimal look Iwould have picked an eyeliner that reads deep-dark-blacker-than-black on camera. This one looks kinda greyish..
Love the lips with just the right amount of colour and a touch of glitz.
PERFECT brows btw. Well done!

Scarlett Johansson: what can I say, I'm speechless at this one. Well almost anyway.
SJ rarely gets it wrong in my book but when she does.. wow.. trainwreck imo.
From the weird two-tone and not matching colours in the Dolce & Gabbana dress to the unflattering ashy hair colour to the clashing eyeshadow.. I really don't know what to address first.
Ok.. I'll try:
Orange/earthtone eyeshadow with a burgundy dress.. not so hot. I do get that it brings out her eyes, but it also brings out the redness in them.
Lips look like she had some colour on but it wore off, and it reveals some patchiness underneath.
Combined with the hair that is textured-but-not-in-a-good way, it looks like she had a quicky in the limo on the way over. Although I don't see how that could have happened in a dress THAT tight, so we will have to assume this was what team Johansson was going for.
SJ is probably letting out her wild child after the break up from her husband, and I can appreciate that, so I will stop now because I do love her lots.
Good luck to you girl.

Michelle Williams: do love the dress, but no so much on her. The light colour and the minimalist shape is lovely, but it kinda made her look a little eeh.. big?
And I don't think she is. Or is she? eehh...
I do appreciate the elfin look with the short (LOVE) blond hair and the pale silvery/blue eyemakeup. Such a nice change from the obvious dark smokey eye. Glad she kept the look fresh.
Lovely pale porcelain skin although again, with a dress that pale she could have used a bit more blush.
The lips on the other hand were lovely and pink which is good on her.
Again good brows. Kudos!

Reese Witherspoon: I did like the 60's/Duffy/Adele inspired updo but again, not on her. It only accentuates her most prominent feature and not in a good way. Chinny, anyone?
I do like that she looks well groomed but not too prom queen (but she always does) and the makeup is lovely.
Would have liked to see a little more colour on the lips with all that paleness going on, and her upper lip needs lining in a big way, but I'm really just splitting hairs here, pardon the pun.

Anne Hathaway: the hostess of the night, and I thought all of her gowns were forces of fashion nature, except for the entrance dress, the red Valentino (ill fitting on top and too much bustle going on in the back) and the Lanvin tuxedo (it seemed a bit too large on her, would have liked to have seen it more fitting). 

I didn't see the makeup up close in print until later and I thought it worked really well for the telecast, but looking at it right now, hmm I dunnoooo...
The new highlights seem somewhat contrived on her, I like her way better with her signature dark locks.They are just too light and ashy and make her look older.

I do applaud the hair team behind the scenes at the telecast for their quick and wonderful changes. I know how stressfull that can get with wardrobe changes going on at the same time. And those dresses are not the easiest to get in and out off.
Great job!
Makeup: I like the eyes, but the eyebrows are too harsh on her. Don't know if it's just me but it looks like a ton of foundation and powder on her. Does she really need that much?
Again, aging.
Love the matte red lip, not easy to pull off on lips like hers.

Halle Berry: this girl can do no wrong in my book. She's not very daring and sometimes (dare I say it) even on the safe side with her choice of dresses, but she just does red carpet very very well and consistently so.
And anyone who can sport hair that short and spunky/punky with a red carpet gown and get away with it has my vote.
Beautiful makeup, glowing skin. What can I say. Lovely.

Saving the best for last, the lovely and only 14-year old
Hailee Steinfeld, ingénue personified.
I don't know, if this is what she can do at 14, heaven help us when she's 18.
Team Steinfeld just got it ALL right. Not an easy job on a girl this young. Or as we say in Holland, between napkin and table cloth.
This could have easily gone SO wrong.

Lovely, lovely lovely innocently pale dress. That tea length full skirt is soo good on her, appropriate for her age (a floor length dress would have been way over the top)
Those heels make her look just grown up enough without looking like she's playing dress up in the attic.
The hair is just gorgeous, not too done, yet not too textured either and the slim tiara is just right and keeps it young.
Good makeup (and LASHES haha), not too much gloss and how wonderful they left her beautiful brows alone.

She just looks like an Oscar princess. Period.
Good job Team Steinfeld!

So, I hope you enjoyed my take on the looks of the Night of Nights, and I hope you'll stop by again soon!
Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment!


Just enough colour to prevent her looking washed out. Bit more concealer under the eyes would have worked for me.

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