Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have something to celebrate!! :D

Tomorrow is September 1st everyone! Not only has this blog just been born, but September is also the month Promakeupstore celebrates it's
2nd Anniversary!

I can't believe how time has flown by since I've decided to embark on this crazy adventure, but fact is the store is doing very well, and that is all because of it's loyal customers.
Yes, that would be YOU :)
To celebrate this happy event with you all, I have decided on several major give-aways for blog/twitter followers, ranging from the new O.C.C. Fall Liptar set with all 6 new colors, Yaby palettes, Beauty Blenders, Face Atelier products, brushes and much more!
Every couple of days I will be announcing the next giveaway on Twitter, but first here are the rules and how to enter:
All you need to do to enter the give-away is :

  1. Be or become a follower, both on Twitter and of this blog ;)
    One or the other won't count.
  2. Leave a comment below the specific giveaway (not below the "celebration" post or I won't know what your target is) saying "enter me"
  3. For another 2 entries, tweet about it and let me know by posting the link to your Twitter entry below the specific giveaway to let me know.
    Note: if your twitter account is protected, I won't be able to read your tweets to check your entry, and in that case your entry will NOT be VALID!
  4. If you post this giveaway on your own blog, let me know by posting the link for another 2 entries.
    Note: entering the giveaway with a blog made solely for this purpose is useless because I won't count you in. Sorry!
  5. Have fun and good luck!!
All giveaways will be announced on twitter with the closing date, and no you won't have to wait weeks and weeks for the winner to be announced! We'll be giving away goodies every couple of days, starting September 1st!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I dream of Agnes...

Welcome everyone to my new blog!

Who the heck is Agnes you ask? I'll get to that in a second.. after I give you a little insight in my life and how it progressed.
At the tender age of 11, after years of playing with my big sisters makeup, it dawned on me that there was actually a profession called "Makeup Artist", and from then on that was all I ever wanted to be.
This was back in the day, way before the internet (yes you guessed it, I'm OLD lol) and all I had to feed my interest was my monthy fix of fashion magazines, Vogue UK, Italy and US mainly.
I read the credits with the pictures, and became familiar with the likes of Mary Greenwell, Charlie Green and even Way Bandy.

With no idea of how to realize my dream and no one around to tell me, I did ..