Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long time no post, and here's why

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've posted (end of September to be exact) so I figured with the year drawing to an end, I should take this opportunity to update you on how we've been doing.

For me personally, it's not been
so good. I suffered from tendinitis, an inflammation of one of the tendons (pezen) in my left shoulder, after picking up a slightly too heavy box last spring. Being the Aries/Dragon that I am, my busy schedule was a great excuse for me push this to the background for the duration of the summer, until finally in mid October, I couldn't ignore it anymore and I had to see a doctor.
Several X-Rays, ultrasounds and diagnosis later, I was told I had "frozen shoulder" as a result of not taking care of the inflammation.
People tend to start favoring the "good" side when there is something painful going on in the body, but if the problem is in the shoulder, this can result in a complete loss of movement in the limb. I'm not there yet, thankfully, but I haven't been able to work for about 8 weeks.
Only problem is, the joys of being your own boss do come with a flip side: when you don't work you don't earn. So back on the horse I climbed and here we are.. for better or worse. And still, I often feel it is still too early and I should take it slow.

While I was home, those 8 weeks, I had all the time in the world, right? So why didn't I update this blog you ask? 
Well, frankly because I was in no mood to offer anyone a positive piece of my mind. I felt grumpy, depressed and sleep deprived. And I feel that if I have nothing sensible or useful or at least funny to say, I might as well say nothing at all.

There was one funny thing though.. while I was home I could only partially take care of the store. The admin, the invoices, all that was no problem, I could do it, but assembling orders and getting them out the door was a whole different matter. And I want to thank my sweetheart for helping me with that, despite all his grumbling hahah! He was a true blessing and you wouldn't have gotten all your products in time without him, that is for sure.
For the record, he only grumbled because I was such a monster and on his case the whole time. I'm way to much of a perfectionist, and I want every piece of tape and lable to be in the right spot.
It's a miracle he still loves me ;)

On a positive note: we want to start the New Year fresh and leave all the madness and sadness behind us. Right before Christmas I will have some new work coming out of which I am VERY proud, and we have big plans for relaunching the store.
There will be a new design, look and easier navigation. You will be able to pay directly by credit card and overall we hope to make your shopping experience the best possible.
Branding Promakeupstore will be the key focus, so there will be no way around us anymore!
New brands will be coming, including our own, and we will be hosting an event to celebrate the occassion.
This is our goal for Spring/Summer 2010, so that's exciting news!

This blog will become a part of the new site and I will be updating it more regularly when all is working smoothly.
Look out for more posts coming before the end of the year!


  1. sorry to hear you have been in so much pain but welcome home! good to have you back, hope you continue to heal and have a great christmas and new year xx

  2. Thank you darling, like I said I really want to go into 2011 on a positive vibe! Wishing you a very merry christmas and a wonderfull new year from Amsterdam! xox