Friday, February 11, 2011

Illamasqua press materials from IMATS London

Even though I didn't bring back any products from Illamasqua when I was at IMATS London, I did attend the demo by Alex Box on Sunday and upon entering the main stage we all got a little black bag with some promo materials.

Now, on that demo... it was called "makeup as a performance" and while I do "get" that
 concept (she was doing makeups to specific music that she liked, mostly classical) I have to say the end result was dodgy at best. I totally respect her as an artist and I think she has done wonders with Illamasqua, but I personally would have liked to see (and hear) more of her actual process instead of a quick paced "performance" to music screaming out of the speakers. It's probably just me but the big screens set up in the room made some things painfully obvious. Like the tears running down the poor girls eyes (with no cleanup) and well there was something else I would have taken care of beforehand but.. well..
It all seemd haphazard to me, but then again I'm no theater makeup lover per sé.
The music dictated the pace of the makeup and I think that didn't help.
Alex said up front she didn't know what she was going to do but she had some props and wardrobe and wigs ready.

Anyway, on to the press materials:
I was really impressed with the quality and the beautiful creativity of the pictures, so for those of you who haven't seen it, I took some snapshots.
Excuse the glare of the flash in some of them, it's impossible to take pictures without flash in this weather and the glossy finish of the brochures wasn't helping.
I hope you enjoy anyway!

This is a poster that came with the brochures:

2 brochures and one leaflet (bottom left). Picture on the leaflet is so wonderful, it reminds me of Clara Bow from the silent movies.

I only added the photos from the top brochure because they impressed me the most, the light blue one is just a small catalogue of the new spring/summer collection.

Inside the brochure:


Side of the black bag they came in: isn't that lovely!

It's obvious that Illamasqua stems from a theater makeup company (Kryolan) and they've taken it to the max. I'm not sure about the products yet, there was way too much buzz around that booth for me to go in and try it all. I hate fighting for a spot. I will order some online with my 40% discount soon though.


  1. I loved her performance, but then I've seen her at work a couple of times now, so seeing this was something different. I can see how it would be a disappointment from that point of view. I went to her masterclass in December where she explained each step, sadly I haven't yet blogged this as my shots were all full of red eye. I do hope you get to see her work at a more leisurely pace sometime. x

  2. Hey thanks for your comment! I can relate to what you're saying, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had seen a class like you did.
    I was really looking forward to it, but I kept getting distracted by the loud music and such to really get into it, so I left early.
    I do hope to get a chance to take a class with her some day. xo