Monday, August 22, 2011

R.C.M.A. Research Council of Makeup Artists

One of the least known brands carried by Promakeupstore, RCMA has been an insider secret of pro makeup artists for many years. The reason you haven't heard of RCMA? They don't advertise. Why don't they advertise? Because they don't have to. The brand has earned it's good reputation with the pro's by being consistent, hard working and performing at top level at even the most grueling of circumstances. They many not sport fancy packaging or big screen names to promote their brand, but the good news is: you will not be paying for that either! Because of their low profile and organic marketing strategy, you only pay for great product! 

Many times during filming or foto shoots you will be challenged to keep skin and foundation looking fresh, due to extreme heat, cold or rain and this is why (courtesy of the RCMA website):

All RCMA foundations are made with the same vegetable oils and waxes with only the color pigments varied. Although most commercial brands of liquid make-up contain only 18 to 23 percent of pigment to vehicle and theatrical brands are in the 35 to 40 percent range, the RCMA shades are made with nearly 50 percent pigment to vehicle, giving them a very high degree of coverage on the skin. So less product is needed for desired coverage. RCMA foundations contain much lower percentage of temperature-sensitive materials (oils and Waxes) and therefore a higher percentage of non-temperature-sensitive materials (dry pigment). So these products will produce a make-up application that will last longer and require less touch ups during the day then commercial, consumer grade foundations. For allergic reasons RCMA Foundations contain no perfumes, animal extracts, mineral oils or lanolin.

In the color lists, the lighter shades are listed first or with lower numbers, and the following ones increase the tonal value and color saturation in each particular series. Combination shade numbers are equal mixtures – for example, KW-36 is and equal compounding of KW-3 and KW-6 to produce the in between shades.
All the foundations are easily thinned out to a sheer finish by cutting them with either a light moisturizer (Embryolisse LCC is widely used for this) or with a tiny drop of RCMA's own foundation thinner.

Application is easy with either a damp sponge (Beauty Blender is perfect for this) or a foundation brush/kabuki and the product can be thinned out to the sheerest layer with perfect coverage.

RCMA foundations are available in 1.oz pots at € 22.50, tester palettes with 18 colors to try out (each color will give you 10 - 12 applications) at € 67.50 or full size economy palettes, with 16 x 1.oz of color at € 178.50

On the Promakeupstore site you can find RCMA by either clicking on the RCMA brand button on the left side to see all the products available, or find the products by their corresponding category, also on the lefthand side. 
Samples will be available very soon!

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