Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dr. Renaud Azulene Calming Rich Cream

I love all things Azulene because of it's calming, non-irritating properties for the skin, and especially in the foul, cold winter weather, at some point we all are in need of a product that will just feed, soothe and repair our skin.
Azulene is derived from Chamomile, which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
properties as well as calms the skin.

I'm sharing a secret with you all here and that is Dr. Renaud Azulene Calming Rich Cream
Excuse me for not having a good picture right now, but if you follow the link you will see what it looks like + some additional info.

This is absolutely my go-to cream for anything to do with skin discomfort, be it razor burn, sunburn or even the time when I was overzealous and took my first glycolic acid experience a bit too far and had to see my GP. The doctor couldn't help me but this did.
I put on a thin layer and my skin almost breathed a sigh of relief. It took the heat right out of my skin because of the azulene and lavender components and calmed things down almost instantly.

Since then, whenever my skin is in need of deep pampering (anywhere on my face or body) this is what I use. Dry and chafing hands, face, knees, elbows, heels, wherever, whenever, this is the stuff you want.
Unless you have very very dry skin, this is not for everyday use, I certainly don't because it is soo incredibly rich.
The cream itself is more like a balm in substance, very rich as mentioned, and with a beautiful azulene blue color and an even lovelier lavender scent. I love love love lavender.
Just opening the jar and sniffing it gives me a sense of relaxation and well-being.
You need only the tiniest bit of cream so the 50 ml jar will go a looong way, and once it's applied it turns into a transparant colorless film that will sit on the skin without closing it off.

On my face, I massage it in and pat off the residue with a tissue (don't want to go to bed looking like a greaseball of course) and sometimes when I use it on my hands or feet I will apply a thicker layer and wear thin gloves or socks to bed. Charming I know, but some things are allowed in the name of beauty and good skin.

I keep a small jar of it in my kit for clients that have had makeup on all day and are in need of some pampering and I have yet to come across someone who doesn't love it.


  1. now iam using this one. i have very dry skin but using this one causes to get rid off these pimples?

  2. There could actually be a number of reasons why you are breaking out. Hard to tell without knowing how often you use the cream, and how much you are applying. I know for myself, I only use it when I'm really really dry and irritated, definetely not a regular day cream this one. I'd say cut down to using just a teensy bit, or alternating days. If that does'n't help, maybe it's just not for you.

  3. thanks for ur reply...iam using this just for 2 a moisturiser nd night..plz suggest a good moisturiser fo dry skin..

  4. See that's what I thought ;) I love the cream but not for every day use and definetely not twice daily! Waay too rich for that. Just keep it as a rescue cream.
    I'm not a skin care expert, and without actually looking at your face it's tough to tell, but for dry skin I've had good results with either the Embryolisse Filaderm (dry skin) or the Embryolisse Embryoderm (dry and mature skin) creams. In my experience they are least likely to make you break out if you are prone to that.
    Your choice depends on your age of course.
    Good luck!

  5. thanku very much for ur suggesions nd replies....